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  • The small town in the Northern Italian province of Belluno in the Veneto region can look back on a thousand year history and a centuries-long tradition of tourism.
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In the film studio was privatized for the prize which was 10 times lower than the market level, the web site noted. It is expected that the event will be attended by 52 ministers of ISESCO member states as well as by representatives of a number of international Islamic organizations.

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More information Azerbaijan adopted preferential order of cultural heritage use. COMUS unites all EaP countries — Armeina, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine - the official continued, adding that every country should choose one historic town which will serve then as a platform for expert meetings, seminars and master-classes of foreign specialists.

These events will provide local communities with tools enabling them to protect cultural and historical heritage of their towns. Belarus selected Mstsislaw to participate in the project in The main idea of the alternative Culture Code is to protect Belarusian language, Trusov noted.

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A recently revealed artefact at Grakliani Hill Kaspi region may change the history of writing in Georgia and in the entire world, InterpressNews reported. Archeologist have revealed a cathedral with two altars dated back to 7th century B. Inscriptions in an unknown language is present on both altars. The discovery proves that the mysterious script was www/ forexpert. at.

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ua on Georgian territory years ago. I am sure that this fact will cause a lot of interest not only in Georgia www/ forexpert. at. ua throughout the whole world.

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We will establish tourist infrastructure here, including a semi-open-air museum, which will allow everyone to get acquainted with these very interesting archeological digs,"- said Mikheil Giorgadze, Minister of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia. According to Viorica Goras-Postica, the coordinator of the new course, it will be taught in 30 schools on both banks of Dnister river. The course was developed and is implementing with financial support of Swedish government agency The Folke Bernadotte Academy.

The course aims at improving relations between Moldovan regions including Transnistria as well as developing intercultural education and tolerance.

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The course was firstly developed and introduced in Ukraine, работа страховой брокер пятигорск web site concluded. More information 26th International Book Salon in Chisinau will host publishing houses from 15 countries.

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On 31 August, the 26th International Book Salon will be opened in Chisinau, Moldpress reported, adding that the event will include above publishing houses from 15 countries. Www/ forexpert.

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at. ua International Book Salon will continue until 3 September. The structure of the Congress will consist of five panel discussions and debates which among others will touch upon regional culture strategies. Above participants from more than 20 countries will attend the Congress. More information UK will increase its education and cultural presence in Ukraine.

Ukrainska Pravda quotes Izvestia saying that the UK plans to increase its education and culture presence in Ukraine. According to a study conducted by the British Council, Ukrainian youth is oriented towards West. Young Ukrainians www/ forexpert. at. ua interaction with British as www/ forexpert.

at. ua as European education and culture, the study outcomes revealed. Hence, the British Council came to conclusion that Ukraine constitutes a strategic priority to the UK.

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Strengthening of the long-term relations between Ukrainian and British citizens and institutions will help Ukraine to become a successful modern European nation.